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Misconceptions About Mental Health Medication

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

There are many ways that you can take care of your mind, and taking medication is one of them. Taking prescribed medications play an important role in the treatment of mental illness. They can help reduce symptoms and possibly prevent a relapse in psychiatric disorders. However, despite what research says about the positive impact of taking the right mental health medicines, there are many misconceptions that prevent people who need to take medication. Blurtitout.org discusses 4 misconceptions people have about taking medication. As usual, I will tell you what the experts say and then give you My 2 Cents on the matter. I hope that after reading this post, you feel empowered to take your medication without feeling bad about yourself and your situation.

Taking medication can help you feel better, don't let negative people and self talk make you feel bad about it!

Misconception #1: Taking meds means you're weak

~ My response to this is short. If you admit that you need help and are seeking ways to get better, how is that weak? My 2 Cents is I think it's quite the opposite. It takes a lot of strength to pull yourself out of a dark place and even though your journey may not be linear, you are committed to getting better.

Misconception #2: Taking meds means you've failed at getting better

~ There are people, including you, that feel if you tried eating right, working out, or relaxing more and it didn't work, you failed. My 2 Cents, that's bull! I don't think that you are a failure if you tried a different approach and it didn't work, I think it's just that simple, you made an attempt, it didn't work, so you decided to do something that will. Not every mental health challenge can be cured with yoga and meditation. Sometimes it's a deeper issue and your brain needs the chemicals in the medicine to become balanced.

Misconception #3: Taking meds is an easy fix

My 2 Cents? It's quite the opposite. Sadly, there are people who assume that taking meds mask a temporary problem and that the medicine works instantly. According to Blurtitout.org, medication doesn't instantly make you happy. Medication takes time to work and eventually it will even your mood well enough to participate in things that will help you such as therapy.

Misconception #4: Taking meds will make you a Zombie

Obvioulsy, this is not true, we all know you have to be bitten by a zombie to turn into one! Ok, that's not true either, but I couldn't resist #WalkingDeadFan. There is a valid concern that taking meds can change your personality, make you feel too much or make you numb. Some people even think it will take away their creative spark. Again valid concerns that could be true. That's way it's important when you start taking meds, that you let your doctor know of any changes - good and bad. It may take a few trys, but hopefully you will find the right one(s) and start to feel better without too many negative side effects.


My Final Thoughts

1. There is NOTHING wrong with taking medication. If you do, it doesn't mean that you are weak or a failure. Taking medication means you are being proactive about your mental well being.

2. Taking meds can help you do more to help yourself in your journey toward healing.

3. Once you start taking meds, make sure you tell your doctor about any changes - positive and negative. The more you communicate, the better chances of finding the right medication/dosage.

4. Medications take time to work. Make sure you are following your doctors orders so you are getting the best treatment.

5. Take power back in your journey. Take meds if you need to!


I hope this post was helpful and that you feel better equip to face your challenges, remember Brown Girls, you got this and you are NOT alone.

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