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Self-Care Tips for Parents During Virtual Learning

Where do I start? This pandemic has f*cked up everyone’s lives in a major way. Everyone has been impacted and no one has been spared. However, in the past few months, everyone has been focused on how this pandemic has impacted teachers, students and parents.

The end of August signifies that time of year where teachers get their lessons and classrooms ready, students enjoy the last few weeks of vacation and parents secretly countdown the days of having their child out of the home. BUT, that b*tch Rona brought all that to a screeching halt in March. The majority of us were forced to stay in quarantine and we were introduced to virtual or distance learning. For those of who don’t what that means, here’s a quick summation:

  • The kids stay home all day long and can’t go anywhere because of the quarantine

  • The schools didn’t know what to do at first, so there were a lot of emails and surveys to fill out and different scenarios being considered along with a lot of uncertainty

  • Then word came that schools would be closed for the rest of the year and that virtual learning would have to suffice to make sure that our kids still learned

  • The schools had a better idea of what they were doing, so virtual learning looked different for each district, but each child would be required to log onto a computer and complete work

Although this was the safest situation, it brought on many problems for many parents, especially for those that work. The last 7 months has been a rollercoaster of emotions, but I would have to say that August has been the most stressful. Parents waited on baited breath waiting to hear what their district was going to decide - will my child be in school all day, part time all week? Will there be a hybrid model? Will they stay home? And the list goes on and on and on. Finally decisions were made and some were happy, others not so much. However, one thing that parents across the country have in common at this point and time - stress!

The list of things we are stressed about can wrap around the Earth a few times and then some, but here’s a short list:

  • Who’s going to watch my kid while I’m at work?

  • I work at home too, how can I handle working and helping my child?

  • We don’t have a computer, how can I get one if the school doesn’t provide one?

  • Is my child learning or falling behind?

  • I have no idea how to use a computer let alone know how to log onto Zoom? How will I be able to help my child?

Do these concerns sound familiar? I am a parent and a teacher and the last few weeks have been stressful so I can relate to what you’re going through. Hopeful the 6 tips I will provide this week will help ease some of the stress you’re going through right now. Stress, anxiety and other negative emotions won’t always go away, but being able to manage them gives you some power back over your life.

Here are the tips that I got from WellSpringPrevention.org, if you want more details, make sure to check out my Instagram/Facebook posts this week:

  1. Prioritize physical health and activity

  2. Establish a routine for yourself and your family

  3. Have regular family meetings

  4. Focus on what you can control

  5. Limit you news consumption

  6. Exercise self-compassion


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