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Self-Care: What the Hell Does It Mean?!

This is a short and sweet post, but packed with helpful information nonetheless! We hear about #selfcare all the time! I mean, health care professionals talk about it, we put a hashtag in front of it and we have designated days to practice self-care. ⁠ ⁠ But do we really know what it means to practice self-care?

What Self-Care is NOT and what it IS

We'll get to what self care is in a moment, but I want to point out what self care is NOT so that you can focus on what it truly means to practice self care. Self care is not:

  1. Selfish - it's okay to take time for yourself

  2. Just about a relationship with yourself - you need to be well in order to take care of your loved ones

  3. Something that should be forced or unenjoyable - what's the point of self-care if you're not a position to

  4. Take something from you - self-care should replenish you

Self-care is the practice of taking care of oneself to preserve or improve one's own health. In plain language - you intentionally take the time to take care of your health on a regular basis. Practicing self-care should be enjoyable and it should refuel you.

How Can I Start Practicing Self-care

There are times that we know we should incorporate a positive change into our lives, but don't know where to start, here are my suggestions:

  1. Make sure your activities refuel you

  2. Find something that you enjoying doing

  3. Incorporate self-care into your schedule

  4. Make sure that your self-care practices are healthy

  5. Choose a(n) area(s) of self care you need to improve

What Are the 5 Types of Self Care

When choosing activities to incorporate into your practice, the task can be overwhelming that's why it is broken down into 5 categories. Below I provide you what the category is and a few examples to help get you started!

1. Physical - taking care of your physical body

- Staying hydrated

- Getting enough sleep

- Not pushing yourself past your limits

- Taking your medication

2. Mental - keeping your stress levels low and your brain active

- Practicing self compassion and acceptance

- Meditation

- Reading

3. Social - prioritizing time with friends and family

- Girls night out

- Movie date with your partner

- Quiet dinner with a friend

4. Emotional - being able to cope with your emotions as not to get overwhelmed

- Keeping your therapy appointments

- Setting boundaries

- Ending toxic or unhealthy relationships

- Learning coping skills to help process your emotions

5. Spiritual - nurturing a sense of connection with the universe or God

- Attending religious services

- Evaluate your values and priorities

- Practicing positive daily affirmations

Alright BrownGirls! this post was short and sweet, but I do hope that you took something from it. I do want to press upon you the importance of putting yourself first, not feeling guilty about it and being consistent with practicing self care.

Drop me an email and let me know how this post helped you improve your self-care practices!

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