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What Is Positive Thinking?

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

I’m so depressed that I can’t get out of bed, I’m sleeping all day, I haven’t showered in 2 days and I’m at risk for losing my job because I called out 3 days in a row but you want me to think positive thoughts? Yes, yes I do!  Depression and positive thinking go together, they do, it’s one of many ways to help pull yourself out of your depression. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not easy and it will take some time. However, what do I always say? 

Be patient with yourself, healing takes time!  

For this post I will be referencing LeadingPersonality.WordPress.com and Selfgrowth.com. This post will discuss what it means to think positively, the benefits of thinking positively and how to apply positive thinking.  Let’s get into it!

What is Positive Thinking?

Selfgrowth.com defines positive thinking by stating is a "discipline that trains the human mind to change a perceived reality by repeatedly making positive mental statements. ” 

I’ll admit I struggle with positive thinking, it’s hard when your mind has been conditioned to see things in a negative and hopeless light.  Depression can really make your outlook on life seem impossible, but I decided that if I want my life to improve, I had to start somewhere and changing my mindset has helped.  There are a few things I do when my mind goes in a negative direction:

  • I close my eyes, take a deep breath and clear my mind as much as I can.  For me, it’s like hitting the reset button on my thinking.

  • I tell myself to stop thinking that way.  It sounds simple, but it works

  • I replace the negative thought with a positive one, for example: Negative thought - You’ll never lose weight  ---> Positive thought - Take one day at a time, eat healthy today and don’t worry about tomorrow 

7 Steps to Overcome Negative Thinking

  1. Stop thinking in extremes

  2. Stop over-generalizing the negative

  3. Don't minimize the positive

  4. Stop mind reading

  5. Stop taking all the responsibilities

  6. Stop forcing your own rules on life

  7. Stop making stuff up and believing it

How Do I Apply Positive Thinking?

Changing your thinking will take time, but practice can make perfect.  Here are some ways you can apply positive thinking to your life:

  1. Positive Self-Talk - replace negative words with positive ones.  Start telling yourself what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T

  2. Meditate - take some time to focus on positive thoughts, emotions and feelings at the beginning of your day so that when negative emotions creep in, you can redirect them

  3. Think Successful Thoughts - do your best to set your doubts to the side and believe that you will succeed and that you are successful

  4. Learn from Failing - instead of believing that failing is a bad thing, learn from it and grow

  5. Use Your Imagination - start imagining what you want to accomplish and use it to motivate you, this should help you think more positively. Create a vision board.

My 2 Cents

  1. Change is not easy and you won’t be successful everyday, but take one positive thought at a time.  Remember Brown Girl, small changes can lead to BIG results!

  2. Have you thought of having an accountability partner? In short, they help you stay on task in achieving your goal.  Ask someone to help you stay positive by reminding or correcting you when you are going in a negative direction.

Helpful websites:

Leading Personality 

I hope this post was helpful and that you feel better equipped to face your challenges, remember Brown Girls, you got this and you are NOT alone. 

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