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Meet July's HBG! 

Vanessa F.

How as #FBGB educated, uplifted, supported OR empowered you?

*When I was a little down I would see postings encouraging self love and being mindful of our mental health. My Melanin is the thought behind every posting and emails that Brown Girl delivers. The message is consistent and present. The gentle reminders to take care of self is a major win, win.

What is something you want to brag about or something we can help support you with?

*I gave a kidney to my older brother!⁠ ⁠ *I would like to get help in starting and running a t-shirt, and what not business. I would like this business to be an incubator for more Brown women and girls to start their own businesses and to teach other women the same. "Each one teach one." So many times, schools in the community focus on providing you a trade to go work for others when that is not conducive to self sustainability. I think perhaps that many well educated successful Brown Women tend to see this as a threat to their business, rather than complement. I am my sisters keeper. ⁠


What is/are your social media name(s):

*Instagram - @thrblaktruth⁠

*Facebook - @TheBlackTruthandNothin ButTheTruth⁠


Crystal B.

January 2020


Giovanni H.

February 2020


Evelyn W.

March 2020

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Dr. Kimberlie H

April 2020


Dewanna C

May 2020


Jessica L.

June 2020